The COMCAVIS TRANS association was born in response to the needs felt by trans women who participated in the different support groups for people with HIV, feeling discriminated against, not represented and not obtaining the required information, according to their own needs.

As a result of this situation, they decided to organize themselves and on July 5, 2008, COMCAVIS TRANS was founded with the purpose of having a support group with which trans women could feel identified, and thus strengthen their knowledge about HIV and antiretroviral therapy. , human rights, stigma, discrimination, gender identity and other topics of interest to the population of trans women.

Over time, COMCAVIS TRANS is defined as a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-religious and non-profit organization, whose purpose is to "represent, defend, ensure and promote the human rights and interests of trans women, to promote their development and respect for their human dignity. Obtaining its Legal Status by the Ministry of the Interior, its statutes published in the Official Gazette 230 of December 8, 2011.

Since its inception, COMCAVIS TRANS has carried out its work with respect and subjection to national laws, public order based on impartial action, without distinction of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, sex, creed, nationality, social condition and affinity. policy; Therefore, it directs its help with a high spirit of service and objective understanding, governed by fundamental rights and freedoms.

Currently, COMCAVIS TRANS is a feminist organization made up mainly of trans women, diverse cisgender women and allies. Although our offices are located in San Salvador, activities are also carried out in the departments of Santa Ana, Sonsonate, San Miguel, La Peace, La Unión, San Vicente and La Libertad.