Welcome to COMCAVIS!

"Some values must be universal, such as Human Rights; the equality, dignity of every human being."

Dear lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transgender, transvestite and intersex (LGBTI) and straight allied partners and agencies that visit us:

In my capacity as Executive Director of the Association Communicating and Training Trans Women in El Salvador (COMCAVIS TRANS), I wish to share with you the issues on which this management will focus and that seek to continue the great efforts implemented by my predecessors of struggle for the recognition of Human Rights, to help lay the foundations for responsible, serious, transparent and committed work with the integration of all sectors in decision-making spaces.

Over the past few months, a series of measures have been implemented that have facilitated initiating the response of the work of COMCAVIS TRANS, through its executive direction, board of directors, work team and volunteers, to the challenges we face demand at national and international. One way of materializing and channeling these initiatives was the definition and implementation of the new Strategic Plan (2015-2020) that guides and sets our course of work within its seven thematic axes, in order to guarantee an articulated task with all actors, both from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), international organizations and key actors for COMCAVIS TRANS, as well as from governments and civil society in general.

With this platform that implies a systemic vision, we seek to achieve greater articulation and coordination of the actions of the different strategies embodied in our strategic plan, as well as the strengthening of relations with CSOs, donors and government to project and position the work  in human rights, with the friendly nations that support us, we intend to specify areas of common interest, to establish more mechanisms for political dialogue that allow increasingly effective assertive and cooperative decisions so that we can expedite and strengthen projects that are instituted through our management.

In this management, there is a commitment to generate more approaches and strengthen the interrelation with other organizationes of friendly countries and other regions, because with them we can jointly address issues of diverse nature, fundamental for the progress and well-being of all LGBTI people, such as : the promotion and respect of Human Rights, democracy, education, judicial protection, work, legal recognition, prevention of discrimination against minorities, eradication of violence, guarantee of rights for persons deprived of freedom and forced migration, among others.

It is important to mention that COMCAVIS TRANS has worked in a coordinated manner with national and international authorities and cooperators, to guarantee more and better collaboration. Therefore, the necessary actions will continue to be taken to maintain the trust of those who support this cause, through the consolidation of a culture and practice of transparency and accountability.

One of the most important challenges that COMCAVIS TRANS still faces, and for which we will continue to fight, is to achieve a greater rapprochement, openness and participation of the social, economic and private sectors of the country, which allow an appropriation of the integration and that allows that this transcends the governmental and religious spheres; in such a way that it turns El Salvador into a country that guarantees rights and is totally secular, with which guarantees would be created to take an irreversible and profound step of recognition of Human Rights for all.

Finally, I believe that it is necessary to strengthen the fraternity among our organizations, promote the achievement of joint goals, solve the challenges as a block, and thus contribute to a promising future for everyone. Definitely, integration must be consistent with a shared historical past, interrelated cultures and aspirations of economic, social and cultural development, all to ensure that El Salvador has a more prominent and influential participation internationally.

Bianka Gabriela Rodriguez Figueroa
Executive Director / Legal Representative